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Incredible India & Rising Star Southeast Asia - Reflection on New Power Houses in Asia

  • Wednesday 29 November 2023 07:45-11:00
  • CCIG, bd du Théâtre 4, Genève
  • Organisation : EAC - International Consulting in collaboration with CCIG

India and Southeast Asia (SEA) are currently one of the few regions experiencing significant economic growth. European companies like yours therefore should take a closer look.  

These regions have developed into regional manufacturing hubs, but even more the dynamics of their sizeable local markets India and South East Asia are already critical parts of the global market.  

At one hand across India and South East Asia industry specific ecosystems across a wide range of sectors keep developing to serve both global and local markets. Meanwhile the consumer habits of a fast-growing middle class across many parts of India and South East Asia call for an ever growing diversity of offerings. Many European companies are uniquely positioned to serve these needs.

However, it is important to understand the cultural differences, economic framework and market dynamics to be successful in these markets.

Uwe Haizmann, Partner of EAC - International Consulting, will provide deep insights into macroeconomic developments, the ever-changing geopolitical situation and key reforms in India and Southeast Asia. He will highlight the megatrends and investment opportunities in both regions and provide concrete practical examples from EAC projects & clients.

Programme :


Registration & Coffee




Vincent Subilia, general director, CCIG




Geopolitical Shifts

Re-Balancing with new regional power houses


Incredible India & Rising Star Southeast Asia


Macroeconomic overview

FDI in India & SAE from Switzerland and other european countries

Key reforms by Government of India and regulations for SEA


India & SEA: "Mega Trends and Investment Opportunities”


Industry Landscape and Competitiveness: Which of the two regions is interesting for which industry?

Trends: for which industry can India or SEA bring advantages in the future?

Practical examples from the EAC clientele: "Industry Deep Dive"




Networking Reception


End of the event


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