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Empowering your business with AI capabilities

  • Wednesday 17 April 2024 09:00-13:00
  • CCIG, bd du Théâtre 4, Genève
  • Organisation : LeverX in collaboration with CCIG

Our AI Workshop features a combination of interactive group activities and expert insights, employing tools like opportunity cards to stimulate brainstorming and real-world problem-solving. These interactive elements are structured to foster a deep understanding of AI's potential, enabling participants to translate abstract concepts into concrete, actionable business strategies. 


  • Dmitry Novik, Head of Design at LeverX
  • Nataliya Rubakhava, UX Researcher at LeverX, Certified DT facilitator
  • Vitali Usau, Head of Innovation and Mobile at LeverX


Step 1: Introduction to AI: Capabilities, Issues, and Risks

Introducing the participants and diving into the topic of AI. Our technical specialists will talk about the latest capabilities of AI and inspire you with use cases demonstrating its application in various business areas. The team will also cover its limitations as well as the legal & ethical sides of using AI. 

Step 2: Business Challenge Analysis

A critical phase is focusing on understanding current business challenges. Participants will write down activities or processes they believe need improvement and then share these with the group.

Step 3: Solution Ideation

Participants will delve into potential applications of AI. Using opportunity cards (visual tools presenting various AI capabilities and scenarios), they will brainstorm practical AI-driven solutions for the identified challenges, incorporating concepts like generative AI, computer vision, and data analysis.

Step 4: Detailed Use Case Development

This phase involves developing detailed use cases from the brainstormed ideas. Working in groups, participants will outline each use case, considering business implications, technical feasibility, and ethical considerations.

Step 5: Conceptual Solution Synthesis

The concluding phase focuses on synthesizing and prioritizing the developed AI use cases. It involves evaluating each case for its practicality and potential impact, leading to a summary of key insights and defining actionable steps for the most promising solutions.


09:00 : Welcoming & Registration. 

09:30 : Introduction & Warm-up

10:00 : Introduction to AI. Theoretical part

10:30 : Business Challenge Analysis. Practical part

11:00 : Solution ideation with AI capabilities cards. Practical part

11:30 : Coffee break

11:40 : Detailed Use Case Development. Practical part

12:20 : Pitching your solutions. Getting first feedback

12:40 : Next steps discussion. Closure

13:00 : End of the workshop


The event is free but registration remains required.

Thank you for favoring soft mobility for your trips.


N.B. We inform you that photos and/or videos may be taken to capture this event. By participating, you authorize CCIG to use them on various platforms to promote its activities.

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