Registration for Arbitration and the Belt & Road Initiative

To check whether your company is a member of CCIG, you may go to the Swissfirms website
Covid-19 measures : In application of the legal rules related to the health situation, the CCIG is required to collect the private address and a mobile phone number for all participants in its events. This data is kept confidential for 14 days and is then destroyed. During this period, it may be forwarded, upon request, to the cantonal doctor’s office.

  • Price for CCIG members CHF 20
  • Price for non-members CHF 40
N.B. In the event of withdrawal announced less than 48 hours before the event, the registration fee remains due. We inform you that photos and / or videos could be taken. By participating in this event, you authorize the CCIG to use them on various media to promote its activities.