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BO JETSETTER : book as gift to all CCIG male members

Published on 02/12/2021
There is a need to give guidance to men. I observed the many difficulties that JETSETTERS have. One can say that their suffering is acute. Good and sound health advice.
Part I. Quick ntroduction with historical background,. Part II. From Hominid frugivorous to Hominid carnivorous. Part III. Of banquets and men. Part IV. Mesopotamia. Part V. India and Indochina.. Part VI. Rome. Part VII. The Gallia. Part VIII. The New World - Pre-Columbian super-foods. Part IX. Modern days -North America. X. Fast-food revolution. Part XI. From Hominid sapiens to Bo,( Hominid ) jetsetter. Part XII. Our today's digestion. XIII. Of Science and sciences. Part XIV. Sex and psychedelic revolutions. Part XV. Ixion on a fire wheel. Part XVI. A New-Way to the BO JETSETTER. Part XVII. Mulithotherapy. Part XIX. The immune system. Part XX. Conclusions. New theories could help CCIG males with stress from success in the XXI century. Please send an email requesting BO JETSETTER book. It will be sent out free of charge. MERRY HOLIDAYS TO ALL. Edda Contreras whatsapp +4179720079.

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